Sarah spanks men and so does Lola

LolaThe new scene at Sarah Spanks Men this week takes us straight back to the last episode of Your Took Advantage Part 1 where those bumbling decorators were paddled by Lola-Marie and Sarah herself.

Pretty much from the off the two chaps George and Mike are left kneeling on the sofa with their very well paddled naked bottoms on display, and as the last paddle stroke lands Sarah intervenes and says it's time for the cane. Damn lucky chaps is all I can say !!

Sarah picks a lovely straight-handled senior dragon cane and gets to work on Mike's bottom as George and Lola are made to watch, sat very close by. Mike is soon feeling Sarah's beautiful cane strokes which are producing a lovely set of stripes which Sarah inspects and reminds George he's next. Sarah switches to a lighter junior dragon cane which is a very stingy cane indeed. You can hear the difference between these two canes as they are expertly applied to his bare bottom.

There are some excellent close-up shots as Sarah continues her caning which shows the wonderful stripes in all their glory.

Lola taunts George about his pending caning as Sarah continues to cane Mike, and it has to be said, George does look a tad worried !!

Sarah concludes Mike's caning with a lovely flurry of strokes before leaving the room. I guess George is next at some point.

A great caning, and oh yes I forgot to mention the fact that the gorgeous Lola-Marie is completely naked throughout. I guess the heating must have stuck on or something !!

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