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Starting this week with English Spankers. Here's what they say. "Louise does not make a very good maid but I suppose that is why I like her. It means that she is always doing something wrong and so I get the excuse to punish her. I have given her a taste of my lovely leather paddle but now more serious measures are called for. She is to be caned, her very first caning I think. Will I hold back and take it easy on her bottom? No she will get caned and caned hard." I like the film, the caning is not over hard but it is very effective and Louise was crying like a baby before the end of the caning. She is a great looking girl, nice figure, well spoken and I understand she is a life and fashion model. Works for me.
take a look at the site Louise caned

Next a look at Spanking Sarah, although she does appear on other Strand Media sites I just love the way she hands out the punishments. She must be one of the best disciplinarians around and always seems to keep the dialogue on the films flowing a long. This film features Leo & Heather, I am not too sure of their relationship. Both young and good looking and I am getting to think that Leo has a bit of a sub side to him. Anyway, here is what Sarah has to say. "Leo & Heather have a strange relationship but when it comes to porn they both seem to like it a lot. I am going to try to cure Heathers addiction to the hard stuff with a hard caning. She is a beautiful young girl and I dont want her going astray so she gets a telling off and then she has to bend over for some good hard strokes from my cane whilst Leo looks on". 
take a look at the site Punished hard

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Punished after dogging

This is a great film on quite a new site. It features just hand made videos and amateur videos from a number of different sites. The latest is a great paddling film with a new girl I for one have not seen before. Very young and pretty she does get a good hard punishment session. It's a top quality film as are all the other films on this site and the membership fee is very reasonable. take a look at the site Punished hard

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Sarah spanks men and so does Lola

LolaThe new scene at Sarah Spanks Men this week takes us straight back to the last episode of Your Took Advantage Part 1 where those bumbling decorators were paddled by Lola-Marie and Sarah herself.

Pretty much from the off the two chaps George and Mike are left kneeling on the sofa with their very well paddled naked bottoms on display, and as the last paddle stroke lands Sarah intervenes and says it's time for the cane. Damn lucky chaps is all I can say !!

Sarah picks a lovely straight-handled senior dragon cane and gets to work on Mike's bottom as George and Lola are made to watch, sat very close by. Mike is soon feeling Sarah's beautiful cane strokes which are producing a lovely set of stripes which Sarah inspects and reminds George he's next. Sarah switches to a lighter junior dragon cane which is a very stingy cane indeed. You can hear the difference between these two canes as they are expertly applied to his bare bottom.

There are some excellent close-up shots as Sarah continues her caning which shows the wonderful stripes in all their glory.

Lola taunts George about his pending caning as Sarah continues to cane Mike, and it has to be said, George does look a tad worried !!

Sarah concludes Mike's caning with a lovely flurry of strokes before leaving the room. I guess George is next at some point.

A great caning, and oh yes I forgot to mention the fact that the gorgeous Lola-Marie is completely naked throughout. I guess the heating must have stuck on or something !!

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Full featured spanking film

Sometimes a film comes along that makes you realise that there are some pretty good producers in the spanking industry, they turn out consistently good films with stories you can watch and follow and which have evidently been correctly shot and edited. The Journey is one such and I understand it was written by the lady featured in it. Suzanne Smart has for a few years now been amongst my favourite spankees, she does not do a great number of films, seeming to pick chose just the things she feels comfortable doing and good for her. Back to the journey, this is a compilation of three parts all coming together to take us through her journey into pain and a degree of loneliness. I found it fascinating and very watchable. Suzanne is a natural talent and I don't mean just in the spanking parts, she carries her part as naturally as if it were for real, OK and maybe it is and I just loved it. This is what it's all about:

Most acclaimed CP film of its time follows Mary on her journey into pain. This script was written by her and for her and we know you will enjoy the experience. 68 Mins of the best CP action. This is a dark story about a cheating wife and her descent into a kind of hell. She will suffer pain and humiliation at her husband’s hands and the hands of others.

This film tells the story of her remorse at being caught out being dishonest, the punishment decided upon and administered by her husband comes hard and fast and without mercy. BE WARNED this story goes to new places we think you will love it . A SPANKING MANSION FILM After being punished at home by her husband Suzanne has a visit from the Disciplinarian, she does not know what to expect but fears the very worst, The beatings start, a wooden paddle, a leather strap, a multi stranded whip and a huge leather paddle that rocks her whole body with pain. She is to take at least 30 strokes of the cane, each stroke to be delivered full force and deliberately designed to show her husband’s displeasure. She is soon bent over, put into the receiving position, waiting as the cane is made ready. Suzanne has come to a sort of realization, she needs to be punished, this maybe the reason for her bad behavior, she craves the pain and the humiliation she knows will come with the punishment. She is secured, blindfolded, whipped, flogged and her whole body made to feel the pain that comes with a total submissive punishment. A real good story and it can be found at the Spanking Library and Clips4Sale as well as at the Redstripe Films

take a look at the site Punished hard

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First time paddling

Now I am sure that statement does not mean a lot to the everyday person in the street but when you are a young girl who is going to remove her panties to feel the pain inflicted by said paddle for the first time the feeling is quite different. So it was with the very lovely Tiana, she had just come along to see us and agreed to take a spanking and I have to say she did take it very well in fact she remarked that she somewhat liked the sensation! Now this is nothing new, we do find that lots of the new young ladies who come along to see us do in fact get to like the sensation, OK we do not set out to beat them till they cant sit down but, they do get a real good hard spanking.

Now, back to Tiana, as I said she has just been spanked and has agreed to progress onto the leather paddle. For this she said she would change her costume and came back dressed as a very sexy nurse, not quite like the one who changes my bed for me when I am laid up but more the nurse of your dreams. The paddling started and it was obvious that this was really getting home to her. Her tiny bottom was soon a bright shade of red but she still pushed it out and presented it well for the paddling she had asked for.

I have to say, we were more than pleased with this young lady and she is just one more we have found for you who is absolutely brand new to the spanking scene, I don't think you will find as many new faces and bottoms anywhere as you do here. You can see a clip of the film at our Spanking Library and you can join the web site where we have well over 300 other films right here.



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Sorting out housewives

I asked Mr Stern how he started the series on English Spankers called a visit to Mr Stern and he surprised me when he explained. It seems many years ago he put an advert out for ladies to shoot for some spanking picture series he was shooting for America and he found that ordinary husbands and wives were replying to his adverts. These were not spanking models. When he started making films this trend continued and he then got genuine replies from ordinary couple for discipline session. That he says has continued to this day and many of the people he made contact with years ago are still visiting, (some on Zimmer frames he joked).

Anyway, the series does still continue and the latest lady to Visit him is April. Now she has been in spanking films previously but that does not mean that she is not in need of some firm handed treatment. It does take Mr Stern some time to get the full story from April and it does seem that she has been a very naughty girl. She has been going out with the wrong people, she has in fact cheated on her boyfriend, so this is why the visit.

He decides that she will get a spanking, she has some very fetching but small denim shorts on at the time so the spanking starts over these, once removed her already pinked up bottom is subjected to a real hard spanking. Now when you watch Mr Stern spank a ladies bottom it does not appear that he is doing a lot, well I t's those years of experience at work. Ask any lady who has been spanked by him and you will be told just how painful it can be. The full film and over 300 others can be found on the web site here and you can download and indeed watch some clips from our films here and here. These are our trusted suppliers and you will get top quality films.



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Hard paddling over PJ's

Don't you wish that all bad people in the world could be dealt with by giving them a good spanking or paddling. just think what we could do with our stupid politicians and bankers and others that rob us of our freedom and money. Ahh, just me being a bit wishfull cos I know it's never going to happen.

We will have to confine ourselves to spanking the naughty ladies who come along to us to make films and they also deserve a good hard spanking or as with Ashleigh a really hard session with the thick leather paddle. Ashleigh does not like being spanked and she likes the paddle even less I can tell you but for the sake of this story, its about a lazy girl who will not cooperate with her probation, she gets paddled and has to take the fully allotted strokes. What I like about this film is the long fast section where the paddle beats down on her bottom so fast she does not get time too recover let a lone rub or stroke her bottom That is just the way a punishment spanking should be given. So you can see a clip of this spanking at our Spanking library where you can download the sequence or you can go to our web site where you can join and look at well over 300 other films as well.


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Something spankingly different

Something a bit different this week at Sarah Spanks Men, well I say a bit different, for those members lucky enough to have access to the members bonus area will have no doubt watch the wonderful POV scenes featuring the likes of Sarah Stern, Katie Didit & Vicky Vixen, well this week’s film is a POV welcoming the most gorgeous Satine Spark to the POV hall of fame.

Satine has featured in a growing number of wonderful spanking scenes at both english-spankers and spanking sarah. If you are a member of these great sites you will no doubt have seen them. One of my all time favourite scenes is ‘flat mates’ at Spanking Sarah (file number spr-1455) where Satine is spanked by Sarah in the shower on a very wet bottom. It’s a wonderful spanking and Satine’s bottom turns the most amazing shade of bright red…truly wonderful.

So back to our new scene which opens with Satine sat on the sofa in the most amazing attire which turns out to be a ‘pay as you view’ session where Satine is ready to perform a sexy striptease but only when she’s been paid by you. She taunts you into submission with a bit of blackmail saying how pathetic you are having to pay her so you can see her gorgeous naked boobs, after a little coercion the cash starts to come in and so Satine treats you to a peek at her gorgeous perfect breasts.

Satine continues by flashing her gorgeous knickers which aren’t doing much to cover her gorgeous body, she turns to give a flash of her perfect bottom from under her very short skirt. I’m sure you haven't miss the fact that Satine’s bottom looks like it’s had a lovely spanking and paddling sometime earlier on, her whole bottom is sporting a beautiful shade of rosy red, and it looks absolutely amazing. Satine says ‘I bet you wish you could feel it right now’. I know I would because it would probably be still lovely and hot from her spanking, it looks so delicious.

But in no time Satine describes how she would turn things around and have you over her knee spanking your bare bottom for non-payment, now I think I would enjoy a spell over her knee for a bare bottom spanking.

Unfortunately for Satine, Sarah Stern enters the room and starts to quiz her on what she’s been saying and doing, and when she finds out about the cash payment things fall off the rails a bit. It looks like Satine is in for another spanking….wonderful.

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A great spanking selection

We have been back for less than a week but our holiday already feels like a distant memory. It is very cold in the UK and I know that some places have some snow. I absolutely hate the British weather and can't wait until we can make a permanent move to Spain. We will be in Spain for a while in April and hopefully the sun will be shining. We will be doing some of our filming out there later in the year as outdoor scenes always seem to be popular with our members.

At Sarah Spanks Men this week The pain of Louis continues as he now has to take a hard punishment caning from me. Those who know me understand that fidelity is one of those things I prize above others and he has overstepped the mark in looking for a new mistress. I am going to show him who is boss. I make him bend over the kitchen table and there I cane his bare bottom until I know the poor man cant take anymore. Then I give him some extra just because I can.SarahSpanksMen

A brand new spanking lady at English Spankers this week. Once again we have a lovely brand new spankee for you her name is Tiana and she really is a beauty. She came along to see us having always wanted to try a spanking but never having had the chance. We offered her that chance and here she is. We have a very interesting interview with her, it’s always great to find out something about the girls before you take their knickers down and spank them I think. Now as you may know, we do not go easy on first timers and that was the same with Tiana. She did get a good hard over the knee spanking as her introduction. English Spankers

At RedStripe Films Big boobed Allison is one of our favourite spanking models. She loves sex, she loves men and she loves to get her bare bottom well caned. Well that’s not quite true, she does love everything apart from the cane on her bottom. But, this is a fact, she is very naughty, she does have a bottom made for punishment and she certainly needs it from time to time. This is a real good hard caning film, she shows she does not like the cane but she does take the full allotted amount of strokes. RedStripe Films

We are back at Unladylike Manor this week at SpankingSarah The lady of the Manor is a wicked woman, she knows just how to get what she wants and now her target is Lord Sterns butler Kodders. This kindly sole does not want to think ill of anyone, especially lady Suzanne but he is soon convinced by the tears from Lady Sarah. He chooses his moment and then plants the seeds of distrust in Sterns mind leaving this kindly gentleman with no alternative but to hand out a sound punishment to poor Lady Suzanne. Her bare bottom feels the strength of his arm and the pain that comes from a thick leather paddle. Another excellent hard hitting film from the Manor SpankingSarah

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First time for young spankee

Do you know, that with half the world fighting each other and spewing out it's people across the whole of Europe and the other half about to elect one of the vilest, nastiest people around to run them it's a good job that the British are still on top of the game...No just a minute, they have a mad right wing government intent on impoverishing the poor, feeding everyone from food banks and closing down the excellent National Health system or reducing it to the state of the American system where you only get treatment if you can afford it. So no one is in a great state really are they. The best thing might be to find a desert island and stay there until the world gets its sanity back or better still, stay there.

If you do you are sure to want to take with you some good spanking films, well tell me why not, what else would you pack in your bags apart from a little food and a good firm spanking paddle just in case the island has a beauty like this weeks spankee waiting there for you.

Her name is Tiana, crazy name, super girl. Her interests stretch from ballet dancing through to motor cross racing and now she can add to that a love of spanking. Yes she came along to see English Spankers because she had always had a hankering for a spanking. She came to the right place for that. She gave us a real nice insight into her life and her thoughts and why she came to see us and then it was time to get her over the knee and spank her pert young bottom. Unfortunately it was not me who got to do it but I have watched the film and I can tell you she is a real beauty and she does take this her very first spanking very well. I hope we are going to see a lot more of Tiana, she is young, pretty, sexy and so in need of further correction. so take a look at the clip right here, you can download it or get along to English Spankers. Oh, and when you find a lovely island please let me know and I will be there to join you.


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